Monday, August 22, 2011

GI 1: Baltimore Poets & Writers | Sept 3 | Fergie's Pub 5 PM

Saturday, September 3, 2011
Fergie's Pub, 1214 Sansom Street, Phila, PA. 5 PM

Come see & hear Baltimore's great poets & writers read from their works. Featuring readings by:

Adam Robinson
Chris Toll
Chris Mason
Les Wade
Christophe Cassimassima
Justin Sirois
Joe Hall
Cheryl Quimba
Jamie Gaughran-Perez
Rupert Wondolowski
Stephanie Barber

Adam Robinson lives in Baltimore, where he runs Publishing Genius Press and plays guitar in Sweatpants, a rock band. His first book, Adam Robison and Other Poems was nominated for the Goodreads Poetry Award. He self-published his second book, Say, Poem. He is also the editor of Dzanc Books' Best of the Web 2011. He has an MFA from the University of Baltimore and is a contributor to HTMLGiant. 

"Baltimore based poet and futurist metaphysical collage artist Chris Toll has published a collection of poetry with Publishing Genius. The Disinformation Phase (2011, 60 pages) wafts toward the reader, intoxicating the oxygen in its path, oozing a slow morning fog along the way. I mean this in a profoundly positive sense, of course." [continue reading]

"If you don’t know Chris Mason, let’s learn to. If you haven’t read HUM WHO HICCUP, let me say: it is an enchantment, a spell of words, it is poetry poetry & art as poetry & visual arrangement of poetry & remixing poetry. If you read HUM WHO HICCUP you will become lost in traps of words, a bear on a deadfall, only you won’t die but will instead lose blood, so much blood that you will hallucinate, & dream poetry, & the dream will be you holding hands with Chris Mason, wandering."

Born to the children of immigrants in (of all places) oklahoma city, my [Les Wade] family eventually headed to california, thereby reduplicating the exodus of other legendary okies. since then, i have lived in st. louis, los angeles, the inland empre, seattle, and finally baltimore, with stops in berlin, hamburg, and paris. no longer such a nomad, but nonetheless, i still remain a little antsy.

Christophe Casamassima is the founder of Furniture Press and the author of Ore.

"In his collection of poetry, Secondary Sound, Justin Sirois demonstrates a command of prose which extends to his new book, MLKNG SCKLS. Subtitled "deleted Word documents from the laptop of Salim Abid, April 2004," this slim novella consists of excerpts from Sirois's yet-to-be-published novel Falcons on the Floor, which was written in collaboration with Haneen Alshujairy, an Iraqi refugee." [continue reading at Bookslut]

Joe Hall‘s first book of poems is Pigafetta Is My Wife (Black Ocean Press 2010). His poetry and fiction have appeared in Gulf Coast, HTML Giant, Barrelhouse, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Zone 3 and elsewhere. With Wade Fletcher he co-organizes the DC area reading series Cheryl’s Gone. His second book, The Devotional Poems, is forthcoming in 2013. He no longer lives in a trailer park.

Cheryl Quimba is a recent graduate of the MFA program in creative writing at Purdue University.  Poems of hers have recently appeared in Dusie, Phoebe, Tinfish, and 1913.  She currently lives in Baltimore (obviously) and works as a publications assistant at Johns Hopkins University.

Jamie Gaughran-Perez is a co-director of Narrow House, bass player for Sweatpants, and pretty serious about fish tacos. He lives in Baltimore and works in DC at Threespot. This is how he gets his Facebook on.

Rupert Wondolowski is the author of The Whispering of Ice Cubes, Humans Go Outside to Hurt You, and a few others. His work has appeared in Murdaland, Lost and Found Times, Rampike, Open 24 Hours, Fell Swoop, Rock Heals, Peek Review, and numerous other literary journals. He is the editor of The Shattered Wig Review and host of the erratically held Shattered Wig Nights at the glorious 14 Karat Cabaret. He occasionally gets to read his work on WYPR's treasured program "The Signal" and to pass judgment on authors far more accomplished than himself in book reviews in Baltimore's City Paper.

Stephanie Barber is an American artist who, though having produced and shown work in many media, is best known as an experimental filmmaker, video artist and writer whose films include catalog, dogs, total power:dead dead dead, shipfilm "dwarfs the sea" "the inversion, transcription, evening track and attractor" and many other short films and videos.